• Current Situation

    Your company, in recent times, has unfortunately suffered substantial problems: turnover and profitability are in decline, whereas costs have been increasing. Or even worse: your company may already be on the verge of a threatening liquidity crisis. Your shareholders, financiers and major suppliers and customers are now urging you to set the course for improvements.

  • Goal
    You wish to get your company on-stream again. You would like to re-establish trust with your banks, suppliers and customers. In addition, you would like to set the basis for structural changes so as to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

  • Our Support
    Crisis situations require prompt and determined action. We offer an integrated turn-around concept:

    • Analysis of the financial and P&L status.
    • Review of the current planning; if required, deliver an expertise on the sustainability of your company
    • Short-term and long-term measures for improving the profitability and the liquidity status, e.g.:
      • Working capital management of receivables, accounts payable and stocks; sale of irrelevant assets, sale and lease back.
      • Measures for reduction of costs; staff planning; optimizing the sourcing.
      • Improvement of operational procedures, reducing complexity; identifying spin-off and outsourcing possibilities.
      • Capital measures in support of the restructuring processes.
    • Guiding our clients through the implementation phase

We are listed with KfW, the development bank of the Federal Republic of Germany, as so-called „Round Table / Turn-around Coaches“, which program facilitates a partial recompensation of the consulting fee. Legal review of the financial and commercial turn-around concept, e.g. under corporate labor and tax law aspects, may be directly retained from Rechtsanwalt Dr. Ralph Stadtmüller (www.ra-stadtmueller.de) resp. via our network of tax advisors.