• Current Situation
    You would like to improve your credit rating and to reduce your finance costs. For expanding your business or for financing your planned investments and your working capital you need additional funds. You realize that the respective meetings with your current banks or lenders need to be well prepared.

  • Goal
    You contemplate strengthening the cooperation with your current banks or establishing a business relationship with new financing institutions with the view of increasing your financial flexibility. You wish to improve your capital structure and to reduce your finance costs. You may also consider the equity participation by appropriate partners without, however, having to give up the steering of your company.

  • Our Support
    We review your short and medium-term financial requirements, propose the appropriate financial instruments and develop, together with you, the optimized finance structure of your company taking into consideration any legal and tax implications.
    We help you to strengthen your internal financing.
    We make use of our excellent contacts to banks, financial institutions and private equity to identify the most appropriate partner for you.
    We know which kind of financial information and documentation is expected or required by financiers and we accompany you in your negotiations with them.