• Current Situation
    As an integral part of a professional risk and compliance management your company is required to establish a risk monitoring system which reflects the particularities of your business in its market environment. Failing to comply may cause a severe risk for your company as well as for you personally to be held liable for any damages resultung from such failure. Apart from that, the existence of an efficient risk management system becomes more and more a pre-requisite for obtaining funds from, or maintaining credit lines with, banks or other financial institutions (e.g. pursuant to the credit risk classification criteria under the Basel II Convention)

  • Goal
    Your risk management system should monitor the fundamental risks and liabilities of your company and contain rules and regulations how to control, avoid or limit those risks. The costs for introducing and maintaining of such system should be reasonable.

  • Our Support
    We have developed a risk management system specifically for medium-sized companies which has been successfully introduced into various companies to the full satisfaction of their banks and accountants. That system can be easily handled without additional personnel.

    We will set up for you a risk management system (including contract management) which highlights deviations from the business planning through the introduction of an early warning tool and which enables you to systematically analyse, evaluate and document the risks of your enterprise.

    Upon your request we will establish a custom-made compliance system.